VirtualBox vs. VMware

Posted: September 29, 2012

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See my post from blogspot:
VMware performs better Virtualbox. VMware takes less CPU resources than VirtualBox however, for tools as mentioned above, VirtualBox offers more flexible than VMware. I am currently using both VirtualBox and VMware and because it is faster I feel comfortable to use VMware for my future development my trend toward VMware. I have been using VirtualBox everyday for the past 3 years when switch to VMware you definitely see the difference in the performance right away. It is very easy to setup: I have 2 identical virtual disks kubuntu_64.vdi and kubuntu_64.vmdk (using VBoxManage.exe to clonehd) with VirtualBox is running the CPU usage is 50% and with VMware is running the CPU usage is currently 20%. Same hardware and same win 7 is the host. This is how I test. I don’t know but this is what I see on my 2 systems: I7@3.4 GHz with 8 GB of RAM and AMD Quad@2.4 GHz with 6 GB of RAM. When it takes less CPU resources you can do more work because you don’t have to wait. In order to run VM CPU needs to have VT supported at least Dual Core.
Even the size of Virtual disk, VMware takes less space for the same image, the difference is 2 GB.
Below is some vdi have been converted to vmdk
09/28/2012 09:59 PM 36,121,522,176 ubuntu1_test.vdi (VirtualBox)
09/28/2012 09:54 PM 34,666,905,600 ubuntu1_test.vmdk (VMware)

09/27/2012 08:48 PM 30,775,869,952 Kubuntu-64bit.vdi (VirtualBox)
09/27/2012 10:31 PM 28,886,237,184 Kubuntu-64-bit.vmdk (VMware)

For dual monitors (dual screens) virtual box is easy to use and the display all pixels add together to become a big screen(see pictures) therefore there is only one control panel at the bottom. Most of features in VirtualBox are easy to use. Dual Monitor set up on VMware first we need to put the display on full screen and click Cycle multiple monitors button. I have a hard time to find the Cycle multiple monitors button because I need not put the VM into the full screen and because full screen mode other windows such as Host windows cannot see which is bad design. In VirtualBox just need to set up dual screens that’s all and everything is done automatically. If Host in windows all the screens can drag left/right or up/down.

VirtualBox dual screens: In this mode VirtualBox is better.
Dual screen VirtualBox

VMware dual screens can only accessible by using full screen mode with cycle multiple monitors is set to on so it will display in 2 monitors which is bad design.  It is fine when only 1 monitor since it does not require full screen mode.

Dual Screen Monitor on VMware

VMware dual screen

For File Sharing: VMware offers Drag and Drop and Folder sharing as VirtualBox.  All the Host folder is mount in /mnt/hgfs
For example: in VirtualBox is share folder called D and linux guest will be
VMware will be in
Replace all symbol links from /media/D to /mnt/hgfs/D assume that folder sharing is called D (in my case is D driver)
To share a folder from Host to Guest
Select Player ->Virtual Machine Setting -> Options -> Shared Folders -> Enabled -> Add -> Select Folder to be shared in my case is Win 7 called D driver


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